A Bumpy Guitar
Tutorial part
I searched for a long time a solution for modelize the Bumpy board of this guitar. All software I had was'nt able to make it exactely as I wanted.

Finally I found the solution with Displace mapping IPAS Plug in. Basicaly it work as the Space Warp in MAX

Using this tool for create some shape gives good results with precision.

The picture of the guitar is on the gallery in larger resolution.

The rendered Guitar

Editing of the body

2D shape Guitar

1 - Draw a 2D shape from top view of the body. Use the appropriate tools for smooth curve and nice drawing.   Don't forget to save your shape, you will need it for others steps.

Board cast

2 - Trace a rectangle around this shape and extrude it along a line.   You should obtain a rectangular object with hole guitar form. That will make a cast for the futur body.

 The grid to cut

3 - In a 3D éditor, créate a rectangular grid, choose for example X=50, Y=70, Z=0 as step values, but you can take other number according the smooth you'd like. Choose some logical Width and height values.
The cutted grid 4 - Cut the grid with the shape. For that, place the grid on the shape for boolean substraction.

In 3D Sudio 4 you should (It's a bug) erase all vertices wich don't have to stay. (Use select/Vertices/square delete/vertices/selected).

Bitmap displacement

5 - Now, we must bump this board. Go back to your 2D shape editor, display it as large as possible and Capture the screen. In a 2D bitmap éditor, keep a rectangle around the border of the shape. Fill the shape with white color, all rest of the rectangle should be black. Save this picture you'll need it for the texture.

6 - Apply a Gaussian blur filter, you can refine with a spray but always apply a blur filter at last. Save the picture.

2 pictures animated

7 - Open your Displace utilities. I used Dsplac_i.pxp IPAS but you can use others. Ex: Space Warp in 3DS MAX. Import your shape. Load the picture Adjust the level of effect as you want for best result.

To see the exactely shape, look carefully this 2 alternated Pictures, one is the simple flat shape, and the other is the bumpy shape.

Texture guitar tutorial: Click here

Textures to The Max

Renaud DELCUZE ©Alliance Production 1999       Rhino/Max 3D House
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