Tubular objects: Rhino3D and MAX 2.x are required 
As a lot of people you've tryed to build some tubular objects BUT, the number of polygons is a big problem coz that's slow the rendering (when it is possible) need to much memory (swap swap...)  and make the viewport manipulations becoming a nightmare. 

Nurbs don't fix the problem coz the most of the softwares convert them to polygons when you start to render, then yours object aren't really nicely smoothed and you can see some edges or angles when the camera is near the objects. 

You use Rhino and MAX 2.x then I've a good news. You're going to build some incredible objects and render them, you'll be able to render them quickly and to build animations you've always dreamed about. 

Time as come to focus on other things than polygons problem and really do what you want. The objective is to make the model with Rhino, all the great 2D stuff will make you able to make this quickly and easily.  

Because there aren't  any polygon or nurbs in this stuff and with the great new features of MAX, rendering these kind of models will be very quick. The viewport manipulations will also be boosted up.  Such tubular objects aren't a problem anymore. 

The picture below was rendered in less than 3 minutes in 800*600 size. There is bump mapping on all objects (visible for a near camera only) and shadows in the whole scene. It was rendered with an "Old" Pentium Pro 180 128 Mb.  The MAX file is about 1 Mb only. Yes you read true. 

Now click on the list beside the pic to see the tutorial relative to an object of the scene.

The tutorial use Rhino 3D and MAX 2.x.

Straight disorganized Chains

Straight and circular Chains

Progressive helix (MAX only)

Kinks spirals with 2 materials

Cool text (tubes around tubes)

Car (surface of tubes)

Surface of tinny cylinders

How to export and render

Scene with many tubular objects
  Textures to The Max

Renaud DELCUZE ©Alliance Production 1999       Rhino/Max 3D House