Head mapping with a warped photo
Tutorial part
Head mapping may be difficult, but I've tryed one technique wich is easy and give some good results. 

You just need a face photography as a map picture, but you'll also need a few good softwares like Photoshop, 4D paint (or meshpaint, or SI plug in...).

I'll describe here how I've mapped this whole head beside, the eyes is included in the head and are also mapped with the face, I mean with the same bitmap.

Of corse you can use the same way to map the face and map the eyes separately.

A maped head

The head mesh
1 - This is the meshe to map, I've joined the eyelid, the eyes and the mouth with the head, they weren't the same meshe. This way the mapping will be perfectly smoothed between all part of the head. Then you can ungroup the eyelid, the eyes and the mouth for and animation.
4D Paint Screen
4DPaint picture
2 - This is the 4D paint V1 screen. I just draw some lines wich define the futur part of the mapping. 

If the mesh has too many polygons or if your computer is slow during the painting, then you can just put some small dots.

A Photo

4 - This is the picture used for the mapping, you have to modify it for an equivalent framing and size of the target picture, as you can see see in this pictures on the right. 

The objective is to warp the photo according the painted face.

Warping curves
5 - Now in Elastic Reality (or others), you can draw the curves on the photo copy them, past them on the target and move the points for a good alignement on the target. 

You just have to render the laste warped picture, (No Morphing).

Warping Animation
6 - Here is a small animation of the curves warping (beside) and a few pictures steps. Wow she suddenly look sad. 
Warping Animation
7 - I've added beard, hairs, refine the eyebrow, the lips, etc, now this mapping fit on the full 3D head with a spherical mapping

Of corse, if you want more realism, you'll have to do the same thing for the wrinkles, and probably also for the reflections (nose, eyes, lips, forehead, etc...).

Textures to The Max
Renaud DELCUZE ©Alliance Production 1999       Rhino/Max 3D House
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