Texture of the Bumpy Guitar
Tutorial Part
The rendered texture
For a good mapping of our guitar we need Photoshop, I don't think any other 2D editing program can do this texture. You'll learn how to make this sunburst gradient like the exact Lespaul's wood aspect.
You just need a light wood photo, with parallele vein.
The final texture

The wood picture for the texture

Tilling of the start picture

1 - Here is my wood base texture, it's avalable in the 3DS map path.

I'v reduce all the picture for a better view and speed in your browser.

The tile and mirror texture
2 - Create a new larger picture and copy the base texture a few time in it for fill the left side of the picture. Select and Copy this rectangle. Past it on the right side. Make a vertical mirror of it and move it up or down. The stripes don't have to be in front of the left stripes. Like this you are making two parts of wood joined together, (Like the real guitar).
Here is the result.
3 - Select all the picture and copy and paste it on a new layer and set it as "Incrustation". Fill it with White color, no wood should stay.
Mask from the guitar shape
Set the layers

4 - Open your mask picture (See the Guitar tutorial).

Select and copy it to clip board.

You can delete it you won't need it anymore.

Mask on the background
5- Paste the clip board as a second layer on the first picture. Set it as "Multiply"

6 - Adust it to center the guitar shape on the line between left and right parts wood.

Spray on layer 1
Paint the Layer 1

Here is the colors used for paint the Layer 1.

Orange: R=247 / G=179 / B=0
Brown : R=128 / G=64 / B=0

Black and white for correct some mystakes or too larger spray.

Spray and mask
7 - Here is the result with Layer 1 and Layer 2.

When you are using the spray for paint layer 1 you can use all layers and background for an intuitive painting.

When it seems OK then apply a gaussian filter for a good gradient.

all Layers
Picture corrections

8 - Here is the result with all layers and background. Save it as a TGA picture.

Select the guitare shape with a square selection and make a new picture with it.

9 - Just correct it with contrast and that's done you'v got the texture.

The texture now fit exactely on the shape (see it at the top of the page).

Textures to The Max

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