Personnal tutorials (No links here).
Tutorial Part
A bumpy guitar
Lespaul Guitar
Photoshop for a Gibson guitar texture
Gibson texture
Bones for a cartoon effect, stretching, bend, etc...
A Gallic knife from elipsoide with nurbs in Rhino 3D
Knife in Rhino
Making Lightning with 3DS MAX
Head mapping from a Photo
Head Mapping
Technical picture for illustrations with Rhino3D and Photoshop
A new very coolpossible thing, some unbelievably complex  tubular objects rendered in a very short time. A must see tutorial for people who want to build such things.
Tubular optimisation
Convertyour meshes to 2D Plans/Illustrations with Rhino3DMeshes to 2D plans
3D StudioR4 Running on Windows NT or 95
3DS4 on Win

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