3D Artists Group
How to chat with others 3D Users
This page give some tips to make contact and friends. 

 With mIRC 

 With AOL Instant messenger 


There is a few ways to contact others 3D Artists, but I suggest these: 

The most shure is to use mIRC and joint the chanel wich interrest you, there often many people on the "3DSMAX" chanel, sometime a few guys on  the "SOFTIMAGE" one. The last created which could be interresting is the "Rhino3D" chanel. 

Before connecting to these chanels choose the RANDOM EFNET server. 

You can also try "Rhino3D", "Lightwave" , "3DS" , "3D" or other names. 

If you don't have mIRC you can dowload it from here:  

It will take 1,5 Mb on your disk, so the Zip file to download should'nt be large. 


The second way is to joint the 3D Artist on AOL. You don't have to be an AOL member! 

For that it's simple, just take AOL INSTANT MESSANGER here it's not long to download. 
When you've registered the this free service, you will know when a person will enter on AOL or just start his AOL MESSANGER. You'll also be able to chat with all AOL members, see their profile..., 

A good program for making 3D friends ! 

You can even take some names from a 3D buddy list here and put your screen name here in the list. 
You can choose to not be seen if you wish, or set up an automatic reply wich explain you're busy. 

Put your screen name in the list here (you need to be registered to the service first) 

Consult the list of screen name here